What Is ICEDirect?

ICEDirect is a Web-based application platform that uses a secure TCP/IP connection between its z/OS-resident webserver/client and an internet browser/server, to access and visualize z/OS resident data. View our video, schedule a demo or download our guide.

Why ICEDirect?

ICEDirect provides an easy-to-use modern interface into the data space for ICE and other applications. ICEDirect makes analysis graphical and easy.

Modern, easy to use interface
ICEDirect is a web-based application platform that uses a secure TCP/IP connection between its z/OS resident webserver and an internet browser.
Easy graphical analysis
z/OS Visual provides the ability to analyze and manage key z/OS functions such as the IODF and the z/OS Heath Checker from a modern interface. The RACF Visual application provides for inspection and administration of key RACF controls with interfaces into SETROPTS for providing a web-based command access for managing users profile and class definitions.
Unique, web based platform
ICEDirect can be used as a web application with security of the user established by the security rights established based upon the z/OS security profile for the user. It can also be an application run under the control of z/OSMF for increased security and control.
Audit and compliance reporting
ICEDirect provides an application, Certificate Intelligence, for the inspection and management of Certifications and RINGS. It also produces a RACF log of change activity for audit and compliance reporting.

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How ICEDirect Works

The integrated ICEDirect Web Server on the MPE Framework provides an interface between “one too many” browser sessions and the IFOM started task. The Work Manager monitors the incoming browser request and will spawn, as needed, TSO/E REXX address spaces to support the request. These tasks interpret the request and, as necessary, makes requests to IFOM. Data returned from IFOM is formatted into complete HTML documents by the REXX sub task using a combination of static templates and/or dynamically generated HTML structure.

NewEra ICEDirect Environment

What is ICEDirect Used For?

ICEDirect is a simple, straightforward way to get what you need from ICE on the world wide web.

Journal Access
The ICE Journal Captures Controlled Events; these options bring them to you.
Control Boundaries
Control Boundary Intercept Points, Admin, Audit and Global Functions
z/OS Inspections
z/OS Inspections, Sysplex/ICEBATA/IPLCheck Inspections and IBM HealthChecks

What Users Are Saying About ICEDirect

ICEDirect is used by organizations that want to maintain and enhance z/OS system integrity and security. 

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ICEDirect in Action

ICEDirect in Action

ICEDirect is a secure web interface to a z/OS server that use the capabilities of the browser to provide an easy to use and interactive set of applications using information made available from many different sources that are critical to maintain the operational readiness and integrity of the z/OS LPARS and the business applications they provide.

With ICEDirect it is easy to get a comprehensive and consolidated overview of the status and availability of the various targets. Using the benefit of click of a mouse it easy to further view and interrogate the details of each target area to investigate any possible problems or risks. It is also possible to use ICEDirect to compare targets or to detect and track change activity. This comparison can be beneficial to detect changes to configurations standards and transactional changes.

The various targets can be, but not limited to; The z/OS configuration datasets and file, The configuration definition for RACF, ICSF and your Digital Certificates. ICEDirect also provide a interface into the targets to provide testing and administration services for each target.

Get Started with ICEDirect

Getting started with ICEDirect is easy. Schedule your personalized webcast, and we’ll get you started with a free trial. We’ll help you install Image FOCUS/ICEDirect and provide an evaluation key.

Get Started with ICEDirect

Schedule your private, personalized webcast tailored to your organization.